The 2024 Ninja Season is in full swing. July also has plenty of cool competitions to offer. Today I will tell you about my two highlights that you can’t miss!

Anyone else having ninja withdrawal after winter? It’s a good thing that competitions are taking place almost every weekend again at the moment. In July, they’ll finally be back here in beautiful Bavaria. And even twice: at the beginning of July in Munich and at the end of July in Karlskron.

Ninja highlight: Minga Warrior 2024

Do you remember the Minga Warrior 2023? The hottest competition of the year in the truest sense of the word, at 35 degrees at Königsplatz in Munich? Now comes the next edition of this comp. On the 6th and 7th of July 2024, as a part of the Munich Sports Festival, the ninjas will meet again in the same place. 225 Athletes have already claimed their spots, the 26th  June is the last chance to register. The last 75 starting places will then be activated (register here). Participation: free of charge. Unlike in 2023, the Minga Warrior will not be organised by the ENL this time. Stefan Angermeier, experienced ninja and proud owner of the Infinity Ninja Zone in Karlskron, is responsible for the stage setting this year. His competitions stand for good organisation and clear rules. A must-have for every comp! He is also supported by the founder of the Ninja Ranking (Lets Ninja) Steffen Moritz.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part in Minga Warrior, from newbie to experienced ninja. There are four divisions: Women (aged 16+), Men (aged 16+), Teens Female (aged 12-15) and Teens Male (aged 12-15). We can also look forward to some prominent participants this year. Our favourite duo, Jaan “Super Mario” Balkheimer and Franky “Full send” Schmidpeter, will once again be hosting the event. The reigning Last Woman Standing Viktoria Krämer, her partner Clucky Luke and other top athletes such as Mellli Schmitt, Rita Benker, Yasin El Azzazy, Nicola Wulf and Julian Rieger have also announced their participation. Some of the strongest up-and-coming ninjas will also be doing the honours in the teens, e.g. Ben Buchholz and Jonas Moritz. We can also look forward to many newbies who want to try their hand at ninja sport. Who knows, maybe we will see a future Last Man or a future Last Woman standing?

What is there to win?

In 2024, the Minga Warrior is once again one of the biggest competitions of the year. The prizes are also impressive. The top three women and men will receive cash prizes.

  • 1st place: €1000
  • 2nd place: €500
  • 3rd place: €250

The best teens (male and female) receive non-cash prizes.

How does the competition work?

The preliminary rounds will take place on Saturday 6th of July. They are divided into several time slots (a slot must be selected when registering online). The starting order will be drawn at the venue. Only the personal time counts for the final round qualification, not the result of the duel. Time limit: 1:30 minutes. The best 32 women, 64 men, 16 female teens and 16 male teens will go through to the final on Sunday. The final again consists of a duel course, but this time it’s really ninja vs. ninja. There are several final rounds until only the top ninjas are left to fight for victory. The mode: fastest against slowest ninja from the previous round, second fastest against second slowest from the previous round, and so on.

This mode demands everything from the ninjas and offers absolute excitement for the spectators. We can definitely look forward to a ninja party! And if that’s not enough: the next top competition will take place at the end of July.

Ninja highlight: Infinity Cup 5.0

I’ll summarise this competition a little more briefly. You can find all the important information on Instagram at Stefan Angermeier.

Germany’s largest ninja garden is once again inviting all ninjas to the Infinity Cup. For the first time, not just for one day, but for two (27 and 28 July). The comp consists of preliminary rounds on Saturday, a skills competition and the final on Sunday. There are 60 starting places and registration is open until 27 July. The competition will be organised according to the new rules for ninja sport, which were recently introduced by IG Ninjasport. The winners will also receive cash and non-cash prizes. The entry fee is €99.

Competitions in the Ninja Garden are always special. Not only is the organisation here top notch, Stefan Angermeier and his family always make sure that everyone (whether spectator or athlete) feels comfortable 🙂 If you’ve got the urge now, why don’t you come along to one of the competitions? And if you can’t, I’ll take you to both competitions with me. Check out my Insta to make sure you don’t miss anything!

And otherwise: see you soon here on my blog!


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